Wood Services

►Full Wood Facility

(Laguna Tools)

► Vacuum Pressing


(two spray booths)

► CNC Router

(3 + 2 axes)

► Exotic Veneers

► Bent Lamination

► Steam Bending

► Fabrication

► Acrylic Machining

► LEDs

Custom Humidor made by William Rau with Walnut Burl, Satinwood, Ebony and other exotic woods.

Walnut Burl, Satinwood & Ebony

Decorative Arts

Paldeo, Macassar Ebony, Leather
Spruce, Walnut Burl, Birds Eye Maple
Gaming Table
Solar System Table LEDs
Solar System Tabletop
Acrylic Machining

Unique Projects

The company mission is to provide designers, custom contractors, and owners with

wood and finishing services, that turn ordinary projects into extraordinary results.


Working with us, companies can expand their offerings to clients,

and provide services such as

CNC routing, vacuum veneering, and fine-finishing.


The skills we’ve developed over 25 years can help you reach new customers

and create outstanding projects.



Ready to meet your wood working needs

from small projects to production runs.

Creating Possibilities

For over 25 years, William Rau and his team of highly-skilled craftsmen

have developed artistic solutions in the field of automotive trim with world-class results,

through the fusion of art and technique.

The work is presented to highlight Rau’s high-level of artistic craftsmanship,

diverse techniques and material expertise.


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